Straight out the Windy City, we hear Kami’s proclamation that the lyricist extraordinaire has arrived “Right Now (ft. Vic Mensa)”. This eccentric rapper feels that his time is now and wants to hit you with all he’s got.

Kami is an artist you can really feel a connection to, the voice that speaks volume on issues we face everyday. We have to feel like this young up-and-coming artist feels, that our time is now and we must get ours before time runs out the clock. How many times has time passed us by and the feeling of regret and disappointment began to sink in? It’s one of the worst feelings in the world.
Vic Mensa adds his own two cents to the mix. “Jealousy and desperation is all around me. My brotha is still selling grams, you think I’m worried about a grammy.” Kami has his priorities on lock knowing that any second things can change, so be best prepared for when the time comes as if it’s right now. Powerful lyrics paired with a soothing yet deep hip-hop beat that sets the mood for concentration and introspection. Take the time “Right Now (ft. Vic Mensa)” and listen to a powerful message from Kami.


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