New Indie-Folk sensation Boy Willows hails from the The Woods, Maryland. As this young artist is set to release his upcoming debut EP, he provides a teaser to his musical creativity with “I’m Good”.


This up-and-coming musician draws inspiration from everything that the natural world has to offer. Growing up in the backwoods of Maryland as a farmhand, nature is a part of life for Boy Willow, with his creativity deriving from Mother Nature and her blissful yet unpredictable moods. Listening to “I’m Good”, we can hear why he likes to consider his sound as experimental folk music, experiments that result in good-natured and pleasant experiences for the listener.
I’m good” has a good mix of multiple genres, even incorporating a dab of hip-hop into the mix. The percussions yell hip-hop beat when it jumps into the experimentation. What was really astonishing to hear was the sense of electro-mix that you hear near the end as he cuts in and out of the vocals. Boy Willows is what We Sound Strange is all about; being and doing what you want and expressing our mind through music that the mainstream may not deem desirable. Be strange with Boy Willows and listen to what we mean with “I’m Good”.


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