The raunchy glam-metal band from Los Angeles is going to hit 2017 by storm when their album “Lower The Bar” finally releases on March 24. For now, Steel Panther has released an exclusive lyric video on their YouTube account for one of their singles, “Anything Goes”.

Steel Panther is mostly known for their profane and humorous lyrics, as well as their exaggerated performances onstage that parody the typical glam bands of the 80’s. Just to get a taste of Steel Panther is all about, we highly recommend you check out their lyric video and see what this insanely fun metal band is all about. With lyrics such as “Tie a couple lassos around those tits” and “Make her wear a mask like Nikki Sixx”, this band is all about having a good time and making fun of anyone they can. Although we know Nikki Sixx is all about having a good time as well!
If you are faint in the ears and cannot stand to listen to dirty words and highly suggestive lyrics, this may not be for you. Regardless, we want you to take a chance on the wild side and listen to “Anything Goes” to have a taste of the Sex, Drugs and Rock N’ Roll lifestyle. If you happen to be in Scottsdale, Arizona for New Year’s Eve weekend, you can catch them at the Livewire all weekend.


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