Taco Tuesday has arrived and we are hungry! Yes, we will satisfy our hunger but what can satisfy our thirst. Trap Tuesdays! Vowl lets the trap river flow to quench our thirst for dope music. “temper” brings a different element to trap that really caught us by surprise.


Back-to-back trap posts but for good reason. As we stated earlier, Vowl brings a unique sound to trap songs to differ from what we’ve been used to listening for the past few years. The choice of strings that this aspiring producer used is quite eccentric; normally we listen to the guitar and/or classical strings such as the violin,etc. He chose to head east and use strings from the far east, possibly utilizing the Ruan or the Liuqin. Nevertheless, it brings a different sound to trap, a song that makes its sound other worldly.
Another aspect that makes “temper” different is the manipulation of volume throughout the whole song; it keeps you on edge as if you don’t know where the music is coming from. It can go from big room to small room in the matter of seconds. The echo of each instrument strike makes it that much more effective. Now we are just salivating at what Trap Tuesdays has in store next. Vowl, you have outdone yourself with “temper”.


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