We have decided to start this week off with some funky Disco to get you in the work groove. Yes, we know, there are not many things that help brighten up a Monday but give Luxxury a chance to get you in the funky spirit. We bring you “Breathe (Again)”, kind of fitting since we just need to take a step back and take a deep breath to survive this Monday slump.
Breathe (Again)” does fall under the genre of Disco, but we also get a hint of Trance as we listen to the keyboard play the melody to phase you out of reality. We feel the funk as we listen to the bass play that funky tune that will get you up out your seat and start grooving to the bounce. Heck, take this groove as a 5-minute break that you need during your workday. Then we hear the enchanting vocals add to the trance state that you are in, mind and body. Come to think of it, nevermind, I don’t think a state of paralyzation of mind and body is what you need during your 5-minute Disco/Trance break. Then again, who knows, it might be just what you needed. If you feel like getting in the funky groove that can put you under hypnosis, listen to Luxxury and her track “Breath (Again)”.  


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