akay-cartoonThere are a couple of songs in your playlist that you always put on blast when you are in your car so that everyone knows that fire you’re listening to. Get ready to add one track to that fire playlist of yours. This fresh out the studio track is from AKAY and he brings the gasoline, the match, even provides his own oxygen to induce the flame that comes out of “Crawl”.

The track name is very fitting for the action that occurs after you listen to it. You can’t walk anymore; your knees are weak beneath you and all you can do is crawl to press stop because your area is way too lit. AKAY incorporates the bass heavily in his track and in many different ways. We hear at least 3 different types of bass being played in “Crawl” and it seems each one is heavier than the next. We also hear the drums but this takes us aback as AKAY uses the snare drum to its full potential because it sounds as if there really is a drumline behind him providing the drums for him. It’s quite eccentric to say the least and AKAY certainly isn’t shy of providing eccentricities. If you dare, listen to “Crawl” by AKAY and you’ll be glad you did. Be warned, make sure you have a fire extinguisher with you just in case the fire from your speakers gets too out of control.



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