It’s really difficult to hide our excitement for the release of Preston Lee’s “Life of a Musician ft. Ryan Hiraoka”. The reggae community has been raving lately at the potential of Preston Lee and we must say he rightfully earned all the buzz around him when he finally came out with “Life of a Musician”. Preston Lee has all the makings of being the new star of reggae and join the likes of The Green, Rebelution, Tribal Seeds, just to name a few, because of his angelical voice and his soulful guitar playing.

We must admit, we were able to see Preston Lee about a year ago when he was just starting out and building his fan following. This was down at the famous Sol Venue in the South Bay in California, where many current reggae bands first began. Let’s just say this, after his performance, we were left in a dream state of good vibes and one love. This young reggae artists had a way with the crowd as they rock steady to the rhythm of his guitar.
Bring in Ryan Hiraoka for a song and it is guaranteed to be an instant classic . Coming from the big island of Hawaii, Honokaa, Ryan Hiraoka is an award-winning artist and producer who is the owner of Rubbah Slippah Productions. It’s a blessing to have this two work together and create magic for our ears. Sway with the rhythm of love as you listen to “Life of a Musician ft. Ryan Hiraoka”.


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