Party Pupils have been making a lot of noise lately with their recent covers of classic 90’s favorites, such as “Ms.Jackson” and “Pony”, but they decided to keep it recent this time as they cover Martin Garrix’s “In The Name of Love”. We were all pretty excited to see them take on the challenge of an established DJ’s big hit.

Party Pupils kept the same quick waveform that they’re known to use when the drops finally hit. It’s no big drop but it’s rather quick, simple drops that make every waveform feel like it’s a hard-hitting haymaker. They keep the classic hip-hop vibe that they use on “Ms.Jackson” and “Pony”, but this track is not as fast-tempo as those, which is the key difference in what they were trying to do. This party duo decided to make the hip-hop covers fast and the dance covers slow; genius to flip the script on those two genres. Make what isn’t supposed to go together, blend flawlessly.
Now, it’s not exactly bump n’ grind kind of slow because it can still be shuffled to, but the party is saddled up to keep rockin’. Let me know if you can spot the difference in sound from Party Pupils’ different tracks and see if “In The Name of Love” fits the script.


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