justice-abJustice Skolnik is quickly making himself known in the dance community with his new hit that came out last month, “You Could Be Down”. It’s no surprise that he rides the wave of his current rise to maximum height. Cue the remix of an already hit from the lovely Estelle and her equally loved track “American Boy”.

Justice Skolnik is an extremely talented artist that loves to use the bass as much and as heavy as he can. He uses it to his advantage to be able to control the heartbeat and movement of his listeners and “American Boy” is no different because it is affecting our dancing hips as we speak. Hit the keys to perfectly emulate the original track so that it doesn’t lose its spark but add the Justice Skolnik spice that we are being caught up in.

The muted xylophone really adds a catchy sound to the melody that fits the mood to a certain extent that Estelle adds to so that it rounds itself out. We also are able to hear the organic drum set that the young DJ uses to to add that extra element that an Electronic song needs to differentiate itself from the rest. We are very excited to see what this Bay Area mastermind has in store for 2017 and we hope you are too. Dance to the classic Estelle cover of “American Boy” from Justice Skolnik.


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