Everyone who follows Progressive House and Electro should definitely know who Juicy M is and why she is currently a rising star with no sign of slowing down. Earlier this week, Juicy M released “Maracana”, a phenomenal Progressive House track that will surely have everyone jumping during the final stretch of her European tour.

She is a DIY DJ who first mastered her craft by developing her skills as a hip-hop DJ and we all saw it back in 2013 as she was seen mixing live on four decks. We need to admire Juicy M as she is all about her, even opening her own record label, JUMPP Records. Which we find us asking ourselves, where did she find the time to make another hit like “Maracana”. This has the classic progressive build-up with the synthetic keyboard manipulations and the classic house waves that we’ve all heard banging through every nightclub and festival. You will find yourself jumping to the beat of the drums and not even know it. One of us nearly hit our head on the ceiling by jumping with such excitement. Get in the raging mood by giving Juicy M your full attention and rave on with “Maracana


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