Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! XYLØ has done it again! Now, before you grab your torches and round up the town, let us explain what in fact XYLØ has done. This brother & sister duo have created another catchy tune that will not be able to escape your ears for the next week. “Get Closer” is the newest song that XYLØ has released this past week that has already caught fire on Soundcloud by accumulating 73k plays within 7 days.

Yes, they are indeed guilty of having their song played on repeat in our aux cord rotation, for as far as we know, it’s blasphemy to bump the same song in the one car ride. Throw out the rulebook because that is how good “Get Closer” is. They keep the drum and snap beat throughout the song, which fits perfectly with the direction that XYLØ wanted to take. The vocals are perfectly aligned with the echo and delay-driven percussion. What’s even more intriguing is the mainstay power that XYLØ is pushing for by making a song that looks to compete with the pop songs in the mainstream radio. They sure have our seal of approval when it comes to charm, intrigue and charisma. If you feel that XYLØ is guilty of creating another amazing song, listen to “Get Closer” and reassure yourself.



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