The Beatles used to say Let It Be, The Rolling Stones used to say Let It Bleed, and The Doors used to say Let It Roll; we are pretty sure that The Novacs are saying Let It Ring. Earlier this week, The Novacs had released their newest track on Soundcloud “Found”. This young four-piece band from Scotland is sure looking to break into the Alternative scene with their badassery and impressive musicianship at such a young age.

This brings us to our earlier statement that The Novacs would be saying Let It Ring. Right off the bat, “Found” begins with delay guitar effects that lets every strum of the guitar ring on without strumming a second time. This perfectly sets up the vocals from their front-man Reiss Harrison to follow the sound of the guitar and have his voice ring through your speakers. Don’t let this take away from the lyrics, it is actually quite deep. The Novacs sing about a young girl that they have met and want to see if what they found in her is truly to be the special girl they’ve been looking for.  Instead, what they find is heartbreak. It speaks volumes as many of us have gone through the same but rarely want to admit.  

They have the sound that can be a big hit today and back in any other decade as well. Their sound is unique in that it can fit in with many genres and many types of fans and we are positive they will soon do so. Give The Novacs a listen and see if you like “Found” just as much as we do. 


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