Steve Hussey and Jake Eddy are so musically talented, it’s not even fair that they’re able to produce beautiful music together like “Into The Ether“. Steve Hussey with his enchanting voice that can put you under a state of musical hypnosis as you rock with the rhythm of his acoustic guitar. There is no break when he is strumming his guitar, it all falls so eloquently into place that even for the rhythmically-challenged folks like us, who cannot keep a beat, but can sure clap our hands to this.

Either you want to dance on your own or dance with a partner, you can sing yeah with Steve as we all have a good time enjoying each other’s vibes. Lest not forget the insanely masterful bluegrass player that Jake Eddy is to add to the duo. His banjo picking falls perfectly in place to compliment the acoustics of Steve Hussey. We really hear the the rhythm of his banjo as well that we feel it would be able to stand alone in a song, but two is definitely better than one and we love this duo too much to see them go out alone. “Into The Ether” is a masterly produced and written song that should definitely want you to dance as the band plays. So just sit back and let Steve Hussey and Jake Eddy enchant your ears and put you under their hypnosis. You’ll thank me later.


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