When you think of how much music is being put out these days via Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Youtube, etc., you get the feeling that after awhile everything pretty much sounds the same. How are the artists of today supposed to deal with such a conundrum?  We are a firm believer that in order to continue moving forward we must learn from the past. Easy must believe in the same thought as he releases “lookup” in his new EP “Care” which entails much of the classic hip-hop we originally loved.

When we first tuned into “lookup”, we immediately fell in love as we heard the sound of the saxophone provide the catchy melody that every dope song needs. Pair that with synthetic waves from the keyboard to keep the vibe as chill as possible. It’s definitely the calm before the storm because then we hear the young MC from Jacksonville just come in with the smoothest flow that we’ve heard in a long time. He’s got the voice to keep you swaying with the flow of the beat and get lost in the soundwaves of his music. Easy can make any word rhyme with the next, that’s how smooth his lyrics and flow fall together to create the calming atmosphere you are currently in. We have to give it to Easy, his penmanship is off the charts and we are truly lucky to have featured Easy before he blows up. Don’t just take our word for it, check out Easy and listen to “lookup” below.



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