It’s a jungle out there. We’ve all heard this phrase plenty of times to describe a setting where there is just too much commotion to handle. This is exactly how “Motion” by Flame Shapes should be described but without the negative connotations that comes with it. Instead, when you listen to “Motions”, you’ll get the feeling of being in a jungle, but the calming paradise that one feels when mother nature decides to bless us with a beautiful day.

The track begins with the sound of a waterfall to prep us for a song of ambient vibes; then to what sounds like wind chimes on a front porch to use as a lullaby to caress our ears. We listen to the synthetic waves that Flame Shapes uses to build up the sounds higher and higher, as if to feel we are slowly rising off the ground with potential to fly. The percussion chiming in little by little in a sequence of also building up to that one moment when everything around you is silent and it is just you and the sound of nature. It’s a jungle out there, a different sound each representing a different sensation of invincibility. As we rise to the peak of relaxation, the paradise you feel is slowly drifting away as to not just shock you with an utter stop; ease you in back to reality but with a sense of relief that the same journey you just took is only a click of the play button away from returning the same sensation. Take a leap of faith and listen to Flame Shape’s “Motion” below.


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