Imagine your favorite roller-coaster. It’s not scary at all, it’s actually exhilarating, and you get such a rush from the adrenaline pumping in your veins every time you get on. Now imagine that same sensation but given to you from a song instead. Sam F delivers you the same rush through his new bass house track “Flacko”.

First off, let’s make this quick comparison between a roller-coaster and “Flacko”. This roller-coaster is figured to have loops and drops galore, am I right? What a coincidence that many great bass house songs are described the same way. “Flacko” not only has drops, it has multiple different drops that throw you off the entire song. This young DJ keeps us guessing as to which drop is going to come, and we love him for it because it keeps the excitement of not knowing, alive. The intricacy of each drop requires a certain level of finesse and creativity. The first drop is heavy with a side of catchy synthetic chimes but it takes the drop to a new level with a different synthetic bass. Now, the second bass doesn’t try to hide anything, it comes at you hard and leaves you breathless. It is heavy with an extra set of heavy on the side to accentuate the womp. It again changes it up back to the synthetic bass that we heard before. Yup, you guessed it, it gets that heavy bass coming in again to just knock your socks off.

Flacko” has very minimal lyrics but the main catch is what I described above, the change of pace of bass and style. Sam F delivers a heavy hitter that will definitely take him in the higher ranks of bass house. We are just glad we are able to ride this roller-coaster before it gets big and takes an hour like Disneyland to ride.. Join me early on and hitch a ride with Sam F and his dope track “Flacko”.




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