The New York- based group Tilted Axes is an experimental rock group that pushes the boundaries with the sounds they can make with their guitars. Their new album Music for Mobile Electric Guitars is play on words to appeal to the new generation that put their whole lives inside of their mobile devices.

Tilted Axes stays true to their style as their first track off their album is “Shapes 1”, which sounds like a band basically jamming throughout the 4 minutes. Sounds like something pretty cool as an interlude during a concert to lead to another song. We expected to be picked up in the next track. I was sorely disappointed in “Circulation in G maybe” when all I heard was guitar picking and letting it ring, hopefully pulling out some experimental sound, but nothing special as many beginner guitarists can make these sounds.

“Pedal Swells” seemed very interesting because many different effects take place from playing around with our pedals, but again, they seemed to be doing the same thing over and over again. They play one interesting sound but they don’t expand on it, they just let it ring. It all sounds like they are practicing on their experimental sounds and just recorded it for 3 to 4 minutes. It is as if they were practicing one day and decided to record their practice and thought to themselves, “Hey, let’s just make this an album and see if we can sell this”. “Rivera Court, again, does a bit of the same things as the other. The one track that we truly liked was “Techno Kilt” because they actually expanded on their guitar playing and sounds like something that we can hear again. They had great pace and very catchy riffs, strumming the guitar in chords we’ve heard but in notes that we are not used to hearing. This one even had a guitar solo that was really impressive, which gave me hope for Tilted Axes.

The rest of the album is more of the same as the beginning. They sound like they are just practicing. Techno Kilt definitely is the only track that is worth listening to, especially for guitar fanatics that enjoy new guitarists taking the instrument beyond its capabilites. Give it a listen below and let me know if you agree with my assessment of Tilted Axes and their album Music for Mobile Electric Guitar.


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