Eric Frisch’s new video for “Goodbye Slowly” just looks like it was a load of fun to record and be a part of. “Goodbye Slowly” is one of the singles for the Indie-Pop sensation’s album “Music Under Sea”.

He looks like he is just having fun with another day of shooting, not even having to act because he can just be himself. That is what we as fans love to see, a musician who doesn’t need to work at putting on an image, his image comes naturally and organic. “Goodbye Slowly” has very meaningful lyrics that is being step-by-step portrayed in the music video. He is saying goodbye slowly because he is not even meaning to say goodbye in his relationship but we are able to see her gradually disappearing from him without him realizing it. It is unfortunate to know that this sort of thing happens a lot, right under our noses because we are too blind to see what we have as it gradually slips away.

Eric Frisch is eclectic in his way to have a sound that relates to that of 50’s and 60’s pop with a touch of modernization. As the famous saying goes, you cannot move towards the future without knowing about the past. Eric Frisch wants to be doomed to make the same mistakes as the famous bands of those times because if you have your name thrown in the same conversations as the 60’s pop of The Beatles, you are well-known of the past for a bright future. Be sure to follow Eric Frisch’s journey in his new YouTube music video as he says “Goodbye Slowly”.


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