The Blue Poets

Let us be the first to tell you that blues rock has recently been climbing back into our musical shuffle. The revival began with bands such as The Black Keys and Kings of Leon, but in order for a genre to have sustainability it needs other bands to take its place for longevity isn’t quite what it used to be. Folks, The Blue Poets feel they are worthy enough to have the torch passed unto them.

Their YouTube exclusive release of “Goodbye” is something that will have people talking throughout this holiday season. The Blue Poets bring blues guitar with a vengeance as hitting the heavy notes that will make headbangers happy but with a taste of riff sensationalism that will have Jimi Hendrix proud. They are going back to basics to the days of Muddy Waters and they are executing precise slide notes that can sexualize the guitar even further. The guitar solo gives a mix of shred and blues to accentuate the craft they have mastered. We reiterate again, the guitar playing in “Goodbye” is off the charts good. It can literally be a song alone and no one would bat an eye. We may be over-the-top excited as you can tell, but let us know if we’re wrong for our excitement by listening to “Goodbye” below.


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