In Baseball terms, a heater is described as the fastest pitch that a pitcher has to offer. A fastball so fast that the batter cannot catch up, it is a heater. Flume has just released “Heater” and we were definitely blown away at how good  this song is. We cannot keep up with it, it is way too fast, we have to put it on replay just so that we know what epicness we just listened to. This is definitely Flume’s best pitch he has to offer right now and I would not be surprised if “Heater climbs up the charts just as fast as this song hit us. The bass is so heavy and the synth waves are so distinct that you cannot help but turn your head to catch your breath as the “Heater” is upon you taking your breath away. Flume, you are now officially our Ace in the Hole, our MVP, “Heater” is striking us as the next great track and all we can do is congratulate Flume for this epic homerun of a song. Step up to the plate if you dare and listen to “Heater” by Flume.


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